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My Friends Rock

Today was Moving Day for me, and Moving Day III for m.

At about 6pm at the new place, K, N, M, T & R all came and helped us unload m's stuff (which she had loaded in a Uhaul herself last night and this morning, with a little help from one of her friends, and then driven here today). Then we all came back to the apartment after that, and loaded my stuff into the Uhaul. It was a great workout, walking with heavy stuff down to the ground floor and then jogging or sprinting back up to the 3rd floor over and over. Unloading at the end was a lot easier.

Now we're kicking back, zombie-like, resting our feet, and watching a surprisingly funny Lucy Liu-hosted SNL rerun. Probably going to pass out and hit the sack pretty soon, not necessarily in that order..

I'm extremely excited to have a place to make into a home with m. It's very exciting to finally have all of our stuff together in the same place (though technically we have one more Yukon-load each of our stuff to move before we're all done). It's fun thinking about putting everything away and setting it all up and making it cool.

I think for a long time I have loved moving. Lots of people dread it. I like the thrill of having a new opportunity to make a new place mine. I love the challenge of optimizing new space. Actually, over the past few years, I've never really stopped moving in... always thinking about getting some new thing that'll help me organize something better or make better use of some space.

So doing that with m will be even cooler, I think. We'll be making it our place... blending our thougts, talents and energies in making our living space just what we want it to be.

This is a woo hoo time for me. The hard part of moving is done, and with that, the hard parts of getting married are officially done, too. After the wedding, I get a full week of vacation, my longest vacation in quite some time. There'll be 3 days of wedding party and last minute wedding business, 3 or four days of honeymoon RV camping in the mountains and at the beach, and about 4 more days for slowly settling into the new house. It all sounds like bliss to me.

So in honor of this woo hoo time: Woo hoo!
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