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Editing Me vs. Entering Me in a Contest

Earlier, as I wrote in my journal about editing my writing and talking, I also wrote about the horrid length of so many of the sentences I write, sentences which never seem to end where they should end, sentences which begin by talking about one thing, pause to talk about another thing, and end on quite another topic altogether, probably having something to do with pizza or laundry, confusing my audience into thinking that I am neurotic or psychotic, rather than disorder-free, as I have occasionally claimed elsewhere in other parts of my writing, parts which had nothing to do with long sentences, parts which didn't mention sentences at all, parts which my audience has probably entirely forgotten by now.

But imagine my excitement, if you will, when after reading a particular news story today during the day, I realized that my long sentences might not be too long at all, that in fact they could be just the right length and quality if only they could be viewed in another context, that they might be just what is needed in order to bring joyous entertainment to the masses, that they could be a source of delight and amusement, that they could bring me fame and notoriety, that they could win a contest for me, if only I would enter them in the right contest.
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