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Post-Modern Tommy

I uploaded this a few days ago, but wanted to wait to mention it so as not to spam with too many LJ posts at one time yesterday (or something). After showing it to my friends on silc, youngoat asked me:

18:36:05 <youngoat> Sorry if this has been covered previously in this channel, but how long has Tommy been possessed?
18:36:34 <zhmort> Ever since I sang beatbox to him in zmary's womb.
18:39:04 <youngoat> Haha. Good job. =]

Funnily enough, this was not the thing that reminded me about the older video of Tommy in my last post. I had forgotten he was doing scatting / beatboxing in that one (and mainly remembered the broccoli and the ABC's). Anyway, thanks to yg for the convenient tie-in. :-)

The only other thing I will say about this one is that you will notice an obvious improvement in Tommy's speaking ability in the 1.5 years between this one and the previous ones... at least, when he's trying to show the difference, anyway. :-)

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