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Classic Tommy

I knew at the time when I recorded this bit of Tommy that this would end up as some of the most precious video ever taken of him. I meant to post it right after taking it, but didn't get around to it. Once I started using the last of my LOA fooling around with posting pics and video, though, I knew this would have to be part of it.

These clips are about 3 minutes each, give or take, but they're actually snippets of one continuous shot totaling some 20 minutes in length. Youtube has a 10-minute limit, though, and I think even Tommy's most adoring fans probably have a limit somewhat shorter than that. :-) Suffice to say, the rest is nearly as animated as this stuff, but with more repetition and randomness.

The first clip (titled "More Broccoli!" for reasons that will be obvious) is something I knew I would use some day to prove my child liked vegetables as a kid, including that most vegetabley of vegetables: broccoli.

In the second clip he parrots a little more Spanish with me, and then spontaneously starts scatting in the way that I taught him pretty much from the womb. The weird rhythm we both start doing is the drum corps bass drummer lick I've been singing since I was 12 years old (and which my family will recognize as one of the silly things they always heard me singing as a teen). It goes "big-uh-duh big-uh-duh BOP!" Those are triplets or sextuplets, depending on the time signature you're using (but the important part is that they're groups of three). Tommy can't quite get the full thing, but he gets the spirit of it, anyway. The rest of the clip (most of it, really), is dedicated to singing the ABC's together a couple of times (or as he sometimes said at that time, the AAC's, or the AABC's :-). Enjoy...


Other stuff that occurs to me while re-watching:

  • Tommy used to say "Okay" for a lot of things, including the word "Yes". ("More broccoli!" "You want more broccoli?" "Okay!" ... making it sound as if it was your idea. :-)

  • For just a brief moment after a couple of early "more broccoli" requests, he does the "buh" joke, which some of you who saw him at one year of age may remember. By this time it was more of a raspberry, though. :-)

  • There's a great They Might Be Giants kids song called "Elemeno" (l m n o) to help kids understand that's 4 letters and not one. Tommy loves it. Here, though, he hadn't quite gotten to that point yet. It's "oh-no oh-no peeeee!" or something like that.

  • In both of these, it's obvious that Tommy would like to be a comedian.
    The shouted "MORE BROCCOLI! and the rushed ABC's thing in the second version, for example, are both about trying to make me laugh.

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