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Three Weddings

Still trying to catch up on journaling about recent events in my life. I don't suppose I would have gotten around to this if not for fjarlq's gift of a Flickr Pro account, which led to a burst of uploading photos, which led to a lot of remembering wonderful recent memories. So thanks again, buddy. You're an unstoppable force of generousity and creativity.

Until I met Mary, I didn't know how cool weddings can be, but I really, really like them now. Everyone is so happy and radiant, borrowing all of the overflowing love being generated by the lovely couple.

Of course, I get similar feelings around infants. I guess I'm a softie at heart. (Oh, and also in public, on my sleeve, and everywhere else.)

Randy and Danye, 8/6/05 - Had a great time hanging out with James and Deb and Tim and Jen at the reception. Afterwards, the six of us went with Randy and Danye to a nearby cowboy bar for a little while, had some drinks, and acted silly and in love. Here were the photo highlights for me:


Jenee and Mike, 8/12/05 - They chose a beautiful location at a historic mission on a hill in San Diego. Here were the highlights of the weekend for me:


Sean and Kathleen, 10/29/05 - This wasn't the actual wedding, which happened earlier, but rather a wedding celebration/party for their family and friends who didn't get to attend the smaller ceremony. (That's totally okay with me, of course, since I'm all about the music, dancing, booze, etc. anyway. ;-) Here were the highlights for me:

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