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Tommy Hendrix

Today while Mary was away tutoring, Tommy and I had a little bit of father/son time. When I'm lazy and don't feel like venturing out of the house (which is the majority of the time, sadly), one of the things I like to do with him to break up the boredom and keep it constructive and educational is music. Sometimes we sing songs (with the ABC's being #1 on the list, always), and sometimes I pull my acoustic guitar off the wall and strum it.

Usually, he plays it with me. I hold it, facing him, and he strums, picks, and hits the strings to make them make noise. It's interesting to watch him try to figure out how to make it go. Today, I decided it was time to let him have a shot holding the guitar, and he was having so much fun with it, I decided to use Mary's camera to get some mpeg video of the occasion.

Here is a Flash version of the first and best video I shot, posted to YouTube:

    Tommy Plays and Sings the ABC's

I think it's pretty cute... especially the Beethoven-esque power chord finale. Almost like he knows that's how you end songs. The one sad and tragic thing about the video is that it ends about 5 seconds earlier than would have been perfect. I was trying to capture something I could upload to the Internet, and I don't currently have video-editing capability, so I needed it to be captured in final form, and I was consciously trying to find just the right time to stop it as I shot it. I just missed, it turns out, because after I stopped it, he looked right at me, and smiled really big, as in, "How was that?!" Sigh.

Anyway, what I got is pretty cool, I think.

A couple of notes about video posting... YouTube is pretty cool. They're trying to become the much-anticipated Flickr of video. They're pretty close. They're already very popular and are rapidly acquiring a lot of awesome self-posted content. A nice benefit and also annoying drawback of their service is that they convert all videos to flash. It's nice, because it means visitors don't have to download special software to view your videos (meaning your Grandma is more likely to get to see what you post), but it also means some loss of quality as the video is converted, which will annoy videophiles with fast connections who'd prefer the larger, higher quality original.

There are other sites trying to become the Flickr of video, but I haven't tried them all yet. Maybe there's a better option, but probably none is fully ready for prime time. Of course, my preference would be for Flickr to become the Flickr of video, because I've already started to invest in putting my photos there, and most of the time I take photos and videos at the same time. It would be great to be able to access them in chronological order from the same album.

Update: Looks like TechCrunch (author of the article about "The Flickrs of Video" that I linked to above) is having some database problems right now. Haven't seen that before. It's the best survey I've come across, so I'm going to leave the link there for now. It's a very popular blog, so I'm sure he'll get it working again soon.

Update: Haha. As I was trying to preview the above update, I got a "database temporarily unavailable" error from LiveJournal. I think for the time being we should probably refer to it as "Web 1.9" instead of Web 2.0. :-)

Later Update: Yay. Looks like TechCrunch is working again.
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