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My Own View

FWIW, if I had to give my own opinion of what my scores should be, I'd have to say that I'm a definite "moderate" Narcissist, and a maybe "moderate" Ob-Com. The rest are probably correct.

Narcissus and I would not get along. I'd spend a lot of time reminding myself and others about how at least I am not as bad as he is. Granted, I am quite self-centered. I like to look in the mirror, at my own pictures, at my own writing, etc. I laugh at my own jokes. I re-read my own postings and emails way too much. It's like some kind of disease. Or, maybe some kind of... I don't know... disorder... or something.

[Hey! I liked the previous paragraph a lot. I need to re-read and edit it for about an hour... [PAUSE] ... ahhh... much better!]

I do like order. I devote a lot of energy to ordering things. I get paid money to order things. I reflexively order things without even thinking about it. I'm good at it, and I enjoy it. But I do not need or strive for "perfection" in myself or others or bad sentences that are this one. I just feel like, hey, if we've got some time on our hands, and I'm not busy, and if you don't mind, well then I'll just go ahead and clear that surface area and put stuff back where it came from. You don't mind, do you? I'm not asking you to help or expecting reciprocation in any way, believe me. I'm just overenergized, and may as well spend my excess on something that makes the room look nicer.
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