zhmort (zhmort) wrote,

Regarding Certain Policy Changes Herein Effected

As I very recently announced in my zderek journal, I have decided to simplify my life and consolidate on a single alias for posting content online: good ole' zhmort.

If you had zderek listed as an LJ friend, please list zhmort too or instead. (I won't be posting to zderek any longer. All of my new posts will be here from now on.)

This actually doesn't have much to do with LJ. Rather, it's a side effect of beginning to use several different tools for different needs, each of which has its own account/username. For a variety of reasons, I was using "zhmort" on all of those other sites, and eventually I decided I was tired of (and confused by) maintaining more than one alias.

For the interested, these are the other places you can find stuff of mine:

I recently uploaded a ton of pics to Flickr. I'll follow up with some journal entries here pointing to the photos (and maybe talking about the experiences, if I have time) pretty soon. If you care to, you can also just browse zhmort's Flickr Photo Sets to see what me and my family and friends have been up to without waiting for me to write about it.


Also, my apologies if this change creates annoying busywork for anyone. I never said being my friend would be without its toils! ;-)
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