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Our Little Communicator

Spent some time today trying to write down all the things I could think of that Tommy knows how to say. I imagine this will be a lot harder to do in such comprehensive fashion before too long.

Update: This is apparently still under construction. Since I posted it earlier today, we've done a lot of a) remembering additional words, and b) reclassifying signs we taught him vs. signs he invented.

It's already a lot of words...

English words Tommy can say:

Word What Tommy Says What Tommy Means
apple app (heavy on the "p") apple
baby behhhbehhh any baby he sees, including himself in the mirror, but most especially the baby in the Sun in Teletubbies
ball baah ball
bath bah bath
boo boo or baaay boo, as in peek-a-boo
book book book
boom boom I (or it) fell down on the floor and went boom
broom boom the broom he uses to sweep along with Mommy
buckle buck (heavy on the "k") buckle
dog dog dog
down dowww Just finally started using this one last night. (Actually, I was in the middle of compiling this list when I saw him use it for the first time, but Mary says she saw him do it last night.)
duck duck (heavy on the "k") duck
Grandma baba Each of his three grandmas. (Interestingly, although "baba" is apparently the actual word for "Grandma" in Croatian, we didn't teach this to him. He started using it whenever he'd see the hanging picture of either Mary's or my Mom on our wall. It's his own choice, and there's apparently no conflict for him in using it for more than one person. It's eerily like he understands that each of the grandmas have a similar relationship to him.)
hat hah (short "a") hat
Mom eeehmaaamaa Mommy (used mostly when he's in distress. :-)
pop-pop bob-bob (bop-bop) His vacuum-popper toy
sock dock sock
spoon poon spoon
three eeeeee After Mommy says, "One... two..." (Only twice so far... counting is a new trick!)
up UP! "I want up", or "I want down", or sometimes, "I want the other thing to happen now." Probably his most clearly spoken, most used word, currently (though he sure is saying "duck" a lot today. :-)
vroom voom sound that cars and vacuums make
yay aaaaay while clapping hands, cheering for himself or others

Baby signs Tommy can say which we taught him:

What Tommy Means What Tommy Does
All done Raises both hands up in air above head (This was originally supposed to be "up", but he decided it meant "all done", which was another sign (waving both hands together in a "finito" fashion) we were trying to teach him at the time.)
diaper (needs changed) pats self on hip
dog pants, or mimics barking
I want more / I want pounds fist into open hand. (This is actually a half-taught, half-invented sign. We taught him "more", but he decided he could use it more generally to mean "want".)

Baby signs Tommy invented himself:

What Tommy Means What Tommy Does
Bed (I'm ready for bed) Walks to baby gate entry to hallway
I want food

Several versions:

  • makes smacking lip noises
  • makes smacking lip noises and points repeatedly to his mouth
  • taps/hits/points at his high chair
  • combines any of above in series with the "more/want" sign

(Is it surprising that his richest communication area involves food? That's my boy. :-)

I want to nurse Points to or taps mom's chest, or his own chest
I want that

Several versions:

  • pounds fist into hand ("more/want") then points at something specific (e.g., I want to watch TV... not that we, as good parents, would ever allow such a thing...)
  • points emphatically at something specific
  • points emphatically at something specific and makes a whiney, horrible sound (emphatically :-)
no more Pushes the thing (food usually) away.
toothbrush Points to his bottom lip and teeth (his most recent invented sign).



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2005-01-10 07:58 pm

yesterday he started saying "Kuh-Kuh" for "cookie" (teething bisquit)


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