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My Favorite Pictures of Tommy So Far


  • I'm not including the three favorites I already posted on zmary's journal.
  • They are chronologically ordered (except the one above).
  • I am a bit smitten, if that part wasn't obvious. So is my wife, and everyone else who has met him.
  • Life is good.



NOTE: This entry was originally posted on my zderek journal.


Original Comments:

These are so precious!
2003-11-24 07:28 am

Adorable! I love the ones where you and he are looking at each other. Also love the one where he's in the carseat with his little pants and sweatshirt. Looks like a little man already. It's so much fun dressing them up in their cute little outfits. I noticed Mickey (sp?) resting contentedly on the floor in one pic...what does he think of his new little family member? You all look great and he's a beautiful baby! Love you guys!!

Re: These are so precious!

2003-11-25 01:43 am

Dressing him up in little outfits is definitely one of the funnest parts about having him. It struck me as very interesting when we got him home how different he looked in color. (In the hospital, it was nothing but 1) diapers, 2) white t-shirts, and 3) those cute animal blankets.) It was striking seeing him in blue and yellow and green.

In the carseat pic, we had just returned from Kaiser's "Newborn Club" on Saturday, where you do a check-in to see how your doing, see the lactation specialist, etc. It was his second trip in the car seat, and really his first "day out", since the trip home from the hospital doesn't count.

For some reason, in that outfit, I thought he looked like Jimmy. Mary and I agree that he looks a little bit like Jimmy in general, but I haven't gotten back to look at Jimmy's baby pics recently to verify. I should do that. (I also want to look at all our family baby pics and Mary's family baby pics, so I can start to get a sense of where he gets his features. With a lot of them, it seems to early to tell for sure.)

Mary was composing a journal post in her head about Mickey's behavior since we brought Tommy home, but hasn't had the energy to write it yet. It was very interesting. We thought he would be amped up and anxious, maybe jealous, and maybe he would act out. What we found instead was that 1) he was very interested in Tommy, 2) if anything he seemed protective of him, and 3) he may or may not be jealous, but he seems to understand that Tommy is permanent and important to us. The last part is really just our interpretation. When we brought him home, Mickey wanted to jump up onto the carseat, up high, and smell him. This was very unusual, because he knows not to jump up on people or things... it's an obedience thing he learned long ago. But it wasn't aggression or anything, but rather to investigate (smell and see). This is how we knew he was very interested. Also, when Tommy cries and cries a lot, Mickey does get agitated, but in a "hey, can't you guys fix the little puppy's problem?" sort of way. I call it "Lassie Mode". ("What's that, Mickey? Trouble with Tommy? Tommy needs a diaper change? Tommy is hungry? Good boy! Let's go!!!") Anyway, he seems to be much calmer about Tommy now, and is basically acting like the same old Mickey, so that's good. Cute but dopey dog. What I enjoy thinking about is that Tommy has a dog, and he doesn't even know it yet. :-)

2003-11-24 11:44 am

CUTE! That's weird. Newborns are not supposed to be cute. They're wrinkly and red and funny-looking. Hmm...

I absolutely love the first one (white cloth and hands). Wow.

2003-11-25 01:48 am UTC (link) Select

Two things that might explain why he isn't quite as ruddy as a typical newborn:

1) Tommy was almost two weeks overdue, so think of him not so much as a 1-week old baby, but as a 43-week old fetus. :-) He's grown longer than most newborns.

2) He was born by C-Section, so he didn't get smushed in the birth canal.

Thanks for the nice comments about the first pic. I don't consider myself a "real" photographer, but I do try to put some thought into framing and focus sometimes, so I'm happy and a little proud when they turn out well.

2003-11-24 08:26 pm

Dude, these pictures made me well up. What a beautiful boy!

2003-11-25 01:49 am UTC

You know, for a hardass Army Seargent, you are quite the softie. :-) But that's why I love you, so it's a good thing.

2003-11-25 03:42 pm

I'm also happy to see that your mom is doing well. She has apparently not aged a day in the past 15 years.

2003-11-25 06:18 pm


Yeah, my mom is doing great. She was very happy to be able to come out and share in our birth experience and help us out during the first week, but not nearly as happy as we were. We were also very glad and thankful to have Mary's mom here (she's the last pic), and Mary's grandma (second-to-last). I loved having 4 generations in the house at once. :-)

Beautiful Family

2003-12-28 09:47 am

I have been wanting to check LJ and see what you posted about Tommy. I am so glad I finally made the time. The picture of Tommy's hand is beautiful. It would be great framed. All the pictures are great. You guys are great!

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