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Please Buy Our Junk

Strangely enough, it seems that there is a surplus of money out there in the world, and a deficit of stuff.

And coincidentally, there seems to be a surplus of stuff here in our house, and a deficit of money.

Can you say, "Osmosis"? No? Well then how about, "Yard Sale."

Good. I knew you could. :-)

I can't believe this actually works. We cart it out to the driveway, and they cart it out into the world from there, leaving us a small donation somewhere in between. Tom Sawyer would have been so, so proud of us.

(By the way, if I were to use the proper phrase my friends and I like to use to make this joke, the subject would be, "Please buy our crap." But I'm supposed to be learning to be more "family-oriented" now, so that means I gotta start censoring myself. Examples of other words I'll need to remember not to use around the boy are: "allowance", "girls", and "dating".)

NOTE: This entry was originally posted on my zderek journal.


Original Comments:

2003-10-04 01:50 pm

My favorite part of the sale was when a lady noticed that in the process of "getting rid of clutter" one of the things I was getting rid of was a book called "Clutter Free, once and for all." :-) We enjoyed the irony and a laugh together. A moment later she decided that she was inspired by my progress at uncluttering... so she bought the book (to presumably add to her own clutter)!!! :-)

2003-10-04 02:06 pm

Hahah... :)
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