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Stuff I've Done Recently

(...sorted in reverse chronological order, since I tend to remember today better than the day before...)

  • Looked for CD-ROM reviews to give my mom suggestions for her impending purchase.
  • Wrote this post on my laptop while riding my recumbent bike. (Woo!)
  • Went out looking for a new house to rent. (Hoping to get something significantly larger with more amenities, for significantly less than we're paying right now.)
  • Took zmary to Kaiser to get her initial set of prenatal blood tests. (In case it's not clear, she has already been born... but the baby hasn't...)
  • Ate a delicious, nutritious brunch (Guiltless Chicken Platter, minus the corn on the cob, plus a spinach salad with italian dressing) at Chili's.
  • Got up a little earlier than normal for me on a Saturday, at Mary's request so I could accompany her to Kaiser.
  • Went to bed a little earlier than normal for me on a Friday night, because it had been a long, full week.
  • Joined Weight Watcher's Online, inspired by a couple of female friends.
  • Watched a good Basketball Game (Kings vs. Celtics) my new TiVo had recorded for me.
  • Worked a long but satisfying week at work.
  • Attended our Kaiser prenatal orientation.
  • Figured out our finances (both for now and after the baby comes) with Mary.
  • Worked a long but stressful week at work.
  • Forgot to look for CD-ROM reviews like I'd promised my mom I would.
  • Talked to my beloved family.
  • Hugged and laughed with my friends.
  • Had a great birthday party thrown for me by my friends.
  • Programmed my TiVo to record every sitcom and documentary and NBA Basketball game ever aired by mankind.
  • Got TiVo from my friends for my birthday
  • Got nice cards and cash from friends and family for my birthday..
  • Got promoted at work.
  • Did our taxes using TurboTax (again).
  • Gained a lot of sympathetic pregnancy weight to demonstrate solidarity with my wife.
  • Got us pregnant.
  • Tried to get us pregnant.

I'm pretty sure some other stuff happened, too. But that's a good enough list for now. Enjoy!

NOTE: This was posted originally in zderek

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