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Happy Independence Day

Today is the day when we blow stuff up and watch others blow stuff up in celebration of a few important things. For one, our capital isn't way the hell over in Europe any more. It's way the hell over in Washington, D.C. For another, the folks in the capital don't just go taxing us for no reason with no one around to represent us and approve. Instead, we've got a bunch of guys over there to agree "Yes, let's tax them now. Yes. Good idea." We like representation with our taxation, dammit.

I jest, but I really do love this country. I believe there is a direct correlation between the overall level of freedom and the relative wealth we enjoy. I'm lucky to have been born here, instead of in Iraq, for example, or Africa. I haven't yet figured out what all I'm going to do for the people of the world as an expression of my gratitude for being so lucky, but I have the feeling it ought to be something... something good.

Maybe I could buy the whole world a beer, or something. Or cure cancer. I bet the world would really like it if I figured out a cure for cancer that involved drinking beer!

Too bad I don't know anything about cancer. Or beer.
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