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Our Own Private Warehouse Shoot-'Em-Up Scene

Just inside the side entrance to my work building that I most often use when navigating my body from my truck to my cubicle, there are a bunch of boxes and pallets and crates. This particular stairwell area is kind of a loading/staging area for our main data center, and it gets filled up with various stuff from time to time, only to be cleaned out and then messed up again not too long after. So it isn't too big of a surprise to see it in its current state.

What is interesting and new, though, is the particular configuration and composition of the stuff. The cardboard boxes are big (containing enterprise servers, mostly), and they're stacked on wooden pallets. The pallets themselves are stacked on top of each other at various heights in the narrow space. And to top it all off, there is one wooden box/crate/thing in particular that is tall... taller than a human... standing in back of everything.

So by now, the former and current Half-Life players and maybe the Jackie Chan fans reading this will probably recognize that what I am describing looks very much like a warehouse... perfect for running around, jumping and climbing on and off, hiding, and shooting or otherwise doing battle with the other players around you doing the same.

I haven't shot at or jumped on anyone yet, but I sure have had the urge to climb up on the boxes. It would be so easy... a step up here... then a hop... then a big leap after a very short run... then hop... and boom... I'm on the top of the tall box... perched... ready to do some serious damage to the unsuspecting co-workers who will surely be coming down the stairwell any moment... oblivious... never knowing what is about to hit them.

There's fun stuff in my head, I tell you.
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