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Note this time, please.

I want to record the fact that I am currently as happy as I have ever been.

A new record for being happy for zhmort.

Kinda scary if you think about it. Especially when you consider that I'm pretty likely to break the record again later, over and over. In fact, if I have any say in the matter, I'll break the record enough times that we'll all just have to agree that I'm going to break it an infinite number of times, so that we can at least stop counting the times I've broken it so far and spend our time doing more productive things, such as enjoying the actual happiness itself.

So, yeah, anyway, I'll get back to that now.

Except, before I go, lest ye'all miss out on the fun, here are some *HUGS* so that you may enjoy some of it, too.

You're welcome.
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