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Winding Down Yet Another Disgustingly Pleasurable Day

Work was great. Stuff is getting done and people appreciate me.

Went walking at the park, in the rain, with my beloved new wind-breaker from REI, plus m and M. (Henceforth I shall use little 'm' to signify the one who lets me touch her ass whenever I want, and big 'M' to signify the one who disfigures my arm with horrible bruises when I try to touch his ass.) I talked to them some during the walk, and that was cool, but mostly I enjoyed snuggling with my very water-resistant wind-breaker. It doesn't even have tree sap on it after camping any more. (I'm so proud of this... I went to ehow.com and looked up how to get sap out of clothes. Turns out the answer is to scrub with standard stain remover such as Spray N' Wash. I did that, washed it, and now it's good as new. (Maybe even better than new, since it hadn't been recently washed when I bought it, most likely.))

[TANGENT: I buy stain remover for my clothes and use it when necessary. This is another one of the weird not-very-guy-ish things I made a habit of even before I had a mate.]

Went looking at houses with m, and we were both pleased to find that all 3 places we looked at were at least "acceptable," meaning we probably won't have to live in a box in the streets downtown after all. We have an appointment to see the inside of one of them tomorrow at 1pm. From the outside it doesn't look great, but it meets many of our needs, it's in a great neighborhood, and best of all, it's cheaper than a lot of other houses with similar square footage. I think m is a little more excited about it than I, but I definitely agree it's got many cool aspects. We're gonna try to get a look at more than a couple of houses before we make a decision, but you never know when you'll find just the right one. It could be the first one. It's not likely, sure, but it could be. (I know this from experience with other recent searches in my life, such as the search for m.)

Came home from looking at houses. M had gone to see a movie with K and N, so m and I had the apt to ourselves for a while. There was naughtiness. Not kitchen table top kind of naughtiness, but naughtiness nevertheless. There was also cool communication, love, affection, and learning. These days m and I are doing a lot of learning together. Actually, I guess that's a pretty constant thing with us since the beginning of our relationship, and that's one of the reasons she's so perfect for me. She communicates, she listens, she remembers important things, she quickly integrates new ideas into her thinking, and she loves me so much that I feel I can trust her and talk about deep, meaningful, or hard issues for me without fear. I feel supported and loved. I feel cherished. It's bliss.

M, m and I are all in love with LJ, and we're trying hard to strike a balance these days between LJ and the other important adventures and chores in life. I think that's probably why I feel so good right now... because it seems like at this moment, during this little sliver of time, the balance is perfect. There is a lot of work, a lot of play, a lot of fun, and a lot of contemplation. I like all of those things, especially when they somehow converge in some form. LJ is one thing that tends to allow that kind of convergence. I won't say that it necessarily facilitates it, but perhaps that is also true.

Of course, I understand this probably won't last forever. For one thing, there's the practical matter that I'll have a lot more To Do items in the coming weeks than I've had in the last couple. But leaving that aside, I assume I will probably run out of steam at some point and tire of pouring so much of me onto the page. And maybe it's even possible I'll get bored with peering so deeply into the minds of other real human beings, no matter how interesting their stories (though this seems a little less likely to me).

But if so, that's okay. Each moment is its own reward. I just want to make sure I'm properly thankful and even reverential about this one.
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