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Extremely Important (Deeply Introspective) Personal Update

Last night, around 9:30 PM PDT, I wrote the following paragraphs:

My favorite basketball team got beaten and eliminated by my third most favorite team. That's not a huge surprise, but it is something about me I thought you should know.

Additionally, and much more weirdly, I thought you should know that my third most favorite basketball team, the same one that beat my favorite basketball team, was at best my fifth most favorite basketball team back before they beat my favorite basketball team. That feels awkward and uncomfortable and weird to me. I'm concerned about what this might mean about my character or integrity or whatever.

Do I seem false or insincere to you? Do you think my favorite basketball team (or more importantly, my former third and fourth most favorite basketball teams) will be upset with me for being so fickle? Do you think they'll even notice? Should I mention it next time I see them? Am I making too much of this? Should I just let it lie and see how it goes? What should I do if my third most favorite basketball team unexpectedly moves up to second? (Or... *shudder*... first?!?!)

Then, once I'd finished writing, we had an earthquake.

The end.
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