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I'm going to make next year the Year of Rest. That means getting enough sleep, and it also means getting to sleep earlier. My sweetheart will like that. I'm hoping I only need one Year of Rest to get it together and make it a permanent part of me, but I'll start with the one and see how it goes.

This will be a hard one for me to accomplish. Going to sleep is the same thing to my mind as giving up the rest of my free time in favor of work. As long as I stay up, I get to avoid work. If I go to sleep, though, work is the very next thing that happens. I guess I'm basically making a bargain with myself that I'll just use a little bit of tomorrow today, but promising myself I will also try to pay it back by the day after tomorrow. That never seems to happen, though. It's kind of like endlessly buying on credit, which is of course another issue I'll have to address in my life at some point.

But I'm not yet convinced I need a resolution or a whole "Year of..." for getting out of debt. Fixing my money situation seems easy compared to learning to sleep the right amount and at the right time. I believe I am up to the task, though. I've certainly done harder things for longer periods of time. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to be certain I've got it in me.

Plus (and this is the point of choosing a "Year of..."), I get months to prepare myself mentally for the challenge, really working up my resolve as much as I can in that time. I'll be chomping at the bit to get in bed by 11 come January.

Until then, though, I'll probably just go ahead and "wrap around" continuously. After all, we'll all have plenty of time to sleep when we're frozen, right?
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