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I Am Like Unto A God

So far today I have:

  • continued existing,
  • breathed the precious air,
  • metabolized glucose and other good stuff,
  • woken up "on time",
  • earned $$$ rebooting our flaky server (aka Cash Cow) at work,
  • determined that my AWE 64 Gold sound card actually does have a midi input,
  • invented 3 or 4 different tunes, all of which are gone forever, of course, owing to my not quite being a sequencing or midi-outputting god just yet,
  • watched most of an NBA playoff game (Ahh... playoffs. Real basketball. Feel free to call on me again in a couple of months. I'm sure I will have come up for air by then.),
  • refreshed my memory of various Java "advanced class features" including static and final methods and attributes, inner classes, interface and abstract classes, and abstract methods ("Ooooh... he peppered his comments with programming keywords. He's sooooo sexy..."),
  • eaten strawberries and cream,
  • drank a lot of water, and
  • been happy.

Film at 11.

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