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Live Journal "Interests" are cool, and kind of a funny thing in some ways. If you can think of unique and differentiating things you're interested in, then listing those things means helping others who share your interests find you on Live Journal. If meeting new folks you might be interested in is one of your goals, or if you just like the thought of such folks reading your journal from time to time, then that's one way you might hook up. Your listed interests become a kind of bait.

If you've ever gone exploring by clicking from your own profile page on your various interests and the journals of other users you find listed there, you've probably had both the experience of finding someone new who writes interesting things, maybe things you like, as well as the experience of finding someone who writes things that you don't find interesting at all, or maybe even that turn you off or revile you in some way.

So that last case is interesting to me. If I list an interest that's an actual interest of mine, but find that most of the other people who list that interest are scary or weird to me, then leaving myself listed there means risking them thinking we have a lot in common and deciding it's time for us to be buds. (Maybe you could even acquire a stalker that way. Woo hoo! Stalkers are fun! Stalkers are flattering! Stalkers let you know that you're an attractive person worth obsessing on!) Or maybe other people who are just searching around Interests will associate you with the ones you think are weirdos, and your interest will never get the fair representation it deserves.

So it's kind of big ethical dilemma, that whole Interests thing.

For my own part, I should point out that I find every journal on Live Journal to be equally interesting, reasonable, and worthwhile. I also find all interests to be equally interesting. You are all my brethren, and I would never think to judge you or reject you just because you are insane or psychotic. I much prefer to make friends with you, and nurture the friendship along, so that later when something really bad happens, I have plenty of crazy people in my life to blame when the cops come looking for answers.

So thanks in advance for being there. It means a lot to me.
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