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Some Times My Brain Is A Weird, Mystical, Random Place To Live

[Helpful suggestion: Do not read this post.]

My Sprint PCS phone has been showing me the "messages" icon for more than a week now. This despite my having checked voicemail repeatedly and gotten the "no messages" answer each time. Finally, just now, I got sick of it and decided it was time to call customer service. So I dialed the number, and wouldn't you know it, the line was busy. ("Figures!", I thought to myself. (Normally, I try to think to other folks, like right now, for example. But in this case I was lazy, and just thought to myself.))

So then I did my reflexive-next-thing-after-anything-when-I'm-just-killing-time, and opened up My Yahoo News and started randomly poking around. First headline to catch my attention? Sprint PCS to Close Service Centers! ("Poor folks. I guess this explains some things, such as my current frustration. I bet they all just got the layoff news and cumulatively decided to tell the Head Honchos to blow it out their... things... that they can use to blow things out... of.")

But then, I suddenly remembered something I've forgotten and remembered before: my phone's "messages" icon will display whether I have voice messages or text messages waiting for me. But text messages automatically download onto my phone, and I have to go through the "Messages" menu to see them. Whereas voicemail can be gotten either by going through the Messages menu or by holding down the "1" key and auto-dialing (which is what I always do, since I never have text messages). The icon looks the the same either way, so this kind of situation can confuse me (and has confused me) for weeks at a time.

It was a cryptic, phone-number-only text message. It was my company's IT Helpdesk number. I wonder what they wanted. I wonder whether I already fixed it. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder...

As Jack Handey would surely advise me, and as my confusion about so many things at once clearly demonstrates, these service center closures are probably somehow my fault. It's some kind of cosmic connection between my anger and my phone and Sprint, all wrapped up in random bad Kharma, regurgitated by my disordered brain, and spewed out the piehole of the Universal Consciouness and Everythingness that is Us. So now I feel bad. If only I would have studied my phone and prepared and otherwise been a greater asset to both Sprint and my company, the Universe wouldn't have had to take such drastic measures. But now... now...

Oh, who am I kidding? This story is neither interesting nor true, and there's no punchline here. Nothing psychic or mystical or supernatural happened, and there is no connection. I just felt a lack of stupid, pointless text in my journal, and needed to address that lack with stupid, pointless text. That is the real explanation here, in a nutshell.

(Or IS it?!?!)
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