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And Now, Finally, Everyone Is Here, Where They Belong.

I am such a happy LJ camper. My second-longest-term friend, bogosity, finally started his journal this very night, after just about the most peer pressure I've ever seen my particular peer group put on anyone about anything. (We never got to the point of setting up a Seinfeldesque "Interference" to confront him about his need for a Live Journal, but everything short of that we definitely did, including taunting, threatening, and, umm... tickling.)

And while I'm trumpeting bogosity's assimilation, I should also rectify my total hosing of my own well-established protocol last month when I forgot to plug another long-time friend's new journal here in my own journal. So tastelikechickn, please accept my apologies for not advertising you earlier. You may now consider your assimilation to be fully trumpeted as well.

Ah. There. That's better. Now all the people I've been begging and pleading with to get journals have journals. We can all relax and go to heaven now. (Not die, just relax. Heaven is earth, after all.)

Oh. And to all of you Zhmort Drones who absorb and remember my every word, please ignore this message's timestamp. I am not up past my firm bedtime during the Year Of Rehab. I can't be up that late. It would violate Zhmort's Laws Of Physics, which as you know are completely inviolable.
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