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A darling threesome just arrived at our doorstep and knocked on the door. Naturally the doggie barked. (He's been kind of freaking out about the TrickOrTreaters, though he seems to be reacting less each time.) When I opened the door and the doggie barked again, the Little Mouse -- the Sweet, Cute, Little Mouse -- began to run inside our house (though the Parent-Standing-Behind did a good job of catching the little Mousie before it got all the way inside).

I can't figure out what happened there. Did the Mouse think, "Oh my! Where is that barking coming from? I better reflexively run inside to be safe and get away from the barking!" Or was it more like, "Oh cool! A doggie! I love loudly barking doggies! Where is he at, I demand to know!?!?"

Either way, or any other way, it was cute.

I have missed TrickOrTreaters, it turns out. At my last couple of homes, we had none. Zero. Zilch. Must not have been many kids in our neighborhoods, I guess. Or they just don't do it as much these days. (I know this is true. I think they go to parties a lot now, instead of wandering the streets like in the Good Old Days.) I like looking out at the smiling, laughing parents standing on the street, waving at them, saying complimentary things to their Scary Or Adorable Kiddies, and smiling at everyone, and generally agreeing, "Yes! It is a good time! Candy and costumes and sillyness! Trick or Treat!"

No one has ever played a Trick on me on Halloween, that I can remember. Hundreds of people have given me Treats, though. Hundreds. If that doesn't say something positive about the direction society is headed, I don't know what does.
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