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This is Not a List

This is not a list heading.

This is not the second item on the list.

This is not a list item that really belongs on this alleged non-list, because it has nothing to do with anything, except itself, and that just barely.

This is pure joy.

This is joy with only a few impurities.

This is fulfillment like you've never experienced in your life.

This is a horrible, horrible thing. Stop it immediately.

This is, again, pure joy, though it's also kind of embarrassing, if you think about it, which I don't recommend.

This isn't my fault.

This is a no fault thing, or a your fault thing, just not a my fault thing.

This is daring.

This is bold.

This is cloying.

This is old.

This is different than anything before it.

This is, too.

This is cloying.

I already said that. Drat.

D'oh! I broke my "This is" pattern, too! Double-drat!

This is the reestablishment of the "This is" pattern.

This is the end, the last sentence, goodbye, and more pure joy, all wrapped up in one sentence.

Make that two. (D'oh! (D'oh!! (D'oh!!! (...))))
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