zhmort (zhmort) wrote,

Recording Media My Music Collection Has Lived On

Some of these "disctinctions" stretch the word "distinction":

  • LPs (Winnie the Pooh!)
  • 8-track Tapes (inherited many from my mom)
  • Cassette Tapes (got a recorder for my 10th bday, woo hoo!)
  • 4-track Tapes (sounds like a step backwards, but one year my brother came back to live with us after having lived with Dad for a while, and he had inherited quite a number of Dad's old Moody Blues, Beatles, and Wings 4-tracks... what bliss... I don't think he brought reel-to-reels with him, else I'd have to include those, too... both my dad and step-dad owned lots of reel-to-reels, but they never filtered down to me)
  • Commercially recorded CDs
  • Computer Hard Disk (AVIs, MPEGs, MP3s)
  • Zip Disks
  • Friend-burned CDs
  • Self-burned CDs
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