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Our cable TV is out

A power pole at the end of our street, rotten near its base, finally gave up the ghost, leading to:

  • a downed power line,
  • a smoking fire,
  • the arrival of fire trucks and police cruisers,
  • the closing down of our street,
  • a high number of neighbors all standing on the street at once,
  • high adrenaline levels for me and the doggie,
  • a cathartic and very, very fun or torturous (I'm not actually sure) session of howling for the doggie,
  • the impressively rapid dousing of the fire,
  • the arrival of a very large. way tall crane to hold up the power pole (at a 45 degree angle, apparently),
  • m having to park the truck down the street instead of in the driveway for a while, and worst of all,
  • the not yet fixed loss of cable tv.
I did finally learn the value of having UPS/battery backup, though, so that's cool. Yay to my friend R for getting that for me for Christmas! You rock, R!
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