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Oh Yeah

I remember now why I haven't posted any memories before... I have this tendency to want to be complete. I can't just write a few paragraphs in summary about memories. I tend to want to get everything in that I can think of that seems significant, so that later I'll be able to re-read the memory and get a vivid picture. I used to see this problem during email conversations. I think it explains why m got so much textual volume from me in our early email exchanges, for example... whenever I got to talking about my life, or my history with my friends, I felt this need to give a complete picture.

Of course, even when I do go on and on, I don't get in *everything*. (Obviously.) I think fjarlq touched on this in his joking... if only I could just write down the entirety of all my memories, then I could be done with it once and for all. Alas, though, this is not possible. I suppose I do eventually achieve a compromise somewhere between recording ALL of my memories and SOME OF THE DETAILS OF MY MEMORIES, it's just that I tend to land on the ALL end of the spectrum.

Sorry. And thank goodness for the lj-cut tag. :-)
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