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Morning, All

Woke up to the lovely sounds of, "Baby. You need to move your truck so I can get out." Our driveway is single-wide, and some times due to street congestion both m and I end up parked there overnight. If I happen to have parked behind her, it means that some time around 7:20 am I get to come to consciousness, throw some shorts, shirt and shoes on in a hurry, and get up to play my little part in Musical Vehicles.

This is no problem. Getting up quickly to do some chore and then going right back to sleep isn't a problem for me. It's a skill I cultivated years ago in basic training.... getting up at the drop of a hat and going back to sleep at the drop of a hat. ("What? It's time to be awake? Ummm... rrngngghhhg... okay. Zub-zub" ... "What? It's time to go back to sleep? Ummm.... rrnrnrgghghgh... okay... but can you hold on a second because I zzz..zzz....zzzzzz.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....") And it's a skill I've gotten to continue using while being oncall for the last year and a half at my company. ("What? It's to be awake and fix something? Ummm... rrrnrngngngnhhh... okay... Zub-zub... looks like the server's shoelace is untied there... no problem... zub-zub... I tied it. Here's a quick email zub-zub describing what I did. Ummm... so if it's okay, I'm gonna go ahead zzzz...zz...z...zzzzzzzzz...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'')

Of course, as you can tell by my timestamp, today's jump up and back down maneuver didn't include a successful back-to-sleep completion. I did get back in bed, but right afterwards my doggie, who often gets excited right after m leaves for work, decided it was time to play noisy-plastic-bone-chewing-doggie. He is good at that game, I have to give him that. But when I'm tired, I have to take away something, too: the noisy plastic bone. This depriving him of the noisy bone is necessary from time to time, and it's kind of fun to execute. He has other chew toys, such as the red, softer-plastic chewy-thing that pcitizen gave him as a house warming present a few weeks ago. So what you do is, when he gets all rambunctious with the noisy one, you walk up to him with something like the red one, hold it up, and say, "Hey! You want this?!" He'll pretty much always drop the one he has, and perk up, like it's play time. And when you put the new one down where he can reach it, he takes it, and of course that's a good time to grab the noisy one off of the ground and deftly transport it to a non-doggie-accessible area. He gets confused, but he then plays with the softer, less-noisy one contentedly.

So I did that, and felt deft and sly. But just as I was then finally settling back down in bed, my silly pager decided to let me know that it was time to earn $30. ("Ummm... Zhmort? Ummm... beep. Beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Ummm... Zhmort? Ahem... I have $30 for you... please come and fetch it now... ummm... beep-beep, and stuff.")

After I rebooted the server that was so wimpily needing my assistance and fired off an email letting folks know what happened, I saw that I had email from fjarlq. Turns out my beloved Tenacious D (greatest band on earth) has a new album coming out very soon, plus a tour that will include stops in the Bay Area. Yay!!! We're definitely there, dude!

Then I commented on rainbrot's new picture. Apparently he feels this picture thing is a competition. I fired off a warning salvo of new pics of my own, letting him know in no uncertain terms that I will not be outcompetificated.

So now I'm awake. After getting up to move the truck, I had thought briefly about going to the gym instead of back to bed, but I immediately poo-pooed that idea as I felt the weight of tiredness descend upon me. Now that it's been another 30 minutes of consciousness, though, I see that'll be what happens after all. In the Grand Scheme, this is a good thing. I'm trying to get as many early gym trips in as possible, because it helps in numerous ways in my goal of adjusting my sleep schedule to be more m-like.

So now you're all caught up in my world. I hope it was worth it.
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