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Be Your Own Friend

Among my minor peeves about Live Journal when I first started using it was that there was no way to view your own posts chronologically interspersed with your friends' posts. I knew you could make a club, but that's posting on the club's site, and not your own journal any more, so that wasn't a solution.

As it turns out, there's an easy way to do what I wanted, which apparently rainbrot figured out some time ago but didn't bother to tell anyone. (Bastard secret hoarder!)

All you have to do is add yourself as a friend, and then your journal shows up on your own friends page. (When I saw this, I was literally, like, duh.)

So if everyone did this, then any time you wanted to see what a given person and his/her "circle of friends" were talking about, you'd just view that user's friends page. I think that would be cool.

And because I think that would be cool, it's time for you all to get busy, people! My patience is wearing thin with you! It's already been seconds since I first told you about this feature, and you still haven't taken advantage of it yet! (Unless you are rainbrot or me, in which case you're not trying my patience at all. You're a hip early adopter who is better than everyone else and knows it.)
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