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Another Friend Joins!

Hey! Another long-time friend started a journal. I'm excited. He's a great thinker, and an accomplished wordsmith, and I'm anticipating lots of pleasure reading many new words of his.

Actually, he kind of sneaked his new journal in without my knowledge. I've been so busy lately with the wedding/honeymoon/moving, and no one told me about it (a few of my friends knew). To my delight, tonight when I got back to my normal routine of occasionally looking at my User Info page to see if anyone new had added me as a Friend, I saw him there. I mentioned it to m, and she told me who he is. (Apparently even my wife is keeping secrets from me these days. Sigh. I hope she fesses up about the affair soon. It'll be good for her conscience.)

Anyway, without further ado, here is pcitizen.

Enjoy. I know I will.
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