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I Am a Friend, and I Rock, Too.

I woke up pretty darn stiff today from hammering so hard yesterday. But after a Tylenol, a couple of Ibuprofen, more laying around in the waterbed, and a hot shower, I felt a lot better. m & M and I went to lunch at Hobee's and ate well, and then we headed to R's & T's place around 2pm. m had checked out the Uhaul around 6pm on Friday, and they let you have it for 48 hours, so we had about 4 hours to help R & T move stuff to their new places. That turned out to be perfect. By 5:15 pm or so we had loaded and unloaded a load for each of them.

And that brings us to a huge milestone... done with the Uhaul, which means nearly done moving for 4 people, and completely done moving BIG stuff. (Actually, five of us are moving in total, but M is just going to pay some dudes to move him, so that doesn't count as additional moving work for the rest of us.)

On the one hand, it sucks that we all ended up moving at the same time. On the other hand, it's great that we got to do all the helping each other in one compact weekend.

I'm going to miss living on the 3rd floor. Or, rather, my heart, legs and back are going to miss it. My lazy mindbrain will probably thank me, mostly. But my body definitely benefitted from the guaranteed daily exercise. I figure I averaged about three round-trips, down and up, each day. And many of them included additional weightbearing... groceries, m's laundry basket and boxes, etc. You can definitely see the difference in my legs after 11 months. And you can see it in my waist, too... I've lost just about 30 pounds since moving in here.

Of course, I was depressed when I moved, and at a local weight peak as a result, so I can't give all the credit to the 3rd floor living. Some part of it was just me getting happier. And besides that I know the upcoming wedding has motivated me somewhat to be a little less of a calorie glutton. But the daily stair climbing was probably the biggest difference.

This makes me mindful that I need to do something extra from now on to replace all that effort. Plus, there is the concern that marriage will make me happy and fat, rather than happy and skinny. I think it's pretty typical for married folks to gain weight, whereas folks who are thinking about dating tend to find it easier to be motivated to increase their attractiveness. So I figure I need to be extra vigilant in the next few years.

But anyway, for right now, I'm doing fairly well. When I said I was sprinting up the stairs after each load yesterday, I wasn't kidding. And even though I woke up stiff today, after I got warmed up I was fine. I was better than fine... I was strong. I was a great asset to our little moving strike force. And even better, I'm not totally wrecked now. I feel very used, sure, but I feel like I could do another few days at the same pace if I had to. Actually, I feel like if suddenly I had to change gears and become a mover for a living, I'd be able to hack it. That's very different than when I moved in here. I was way heavy, and even though I didn't have to move all my stuff in (M and I paid for movers getting into this place), I re-injured my knees because of the sudden extra strain. I have basically spent the past year rehabbing from that.

But now I feel like I'm back. That's a good feeling.

So watch out, ye treadmills, stairsteppers, and elliptical cross-trainers througout the land! Howdylectable is a-comin' for ya! Fear him! FEAR HIM!!!

Time for a nap.
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