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Milestone: My First LJ Recruit!

Well, I've gone and done it... returned to my evangelistic roots, and cajoled a long-time friend into doing something I'm doing. I've definitely got the LJ religion, and I can't help sharing the Good News. :-) Interestingly, this particular friend was here visting me right around the time I was just starting my journal. I sent her an email last night to say hi, but also to give her the link to my journal and to recommend LJ as something she might enjoy. Since her visit, I've composed and uploaded enough bytes to choke a... digital horse... or something... so I figured now was a great time to show it to her and let her judge its funworthiness.

Anyway, today she sends me mail saying, "Okay, okay, you got me. I've signed up." Sure enough, she has. So without further babblification on my part, allow me to present my good friend, thenIsaid. (Yay!)
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