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The Search For Inspirado

Some times I've had a great or interesting day, and I need to talk about some portion of it, or some of the thoughts I thought on that day.

More often, though, I just decide it's time to write something in my journal, open the LJ Client, and wait for something to come out of my fingers. This time, the observation that this is what happens is what came out. Not too humorous, but interesting.

(One of my favorite Tenacious D skits is "The Search for Inspirado," in which they desperately try to write a second song for their band to perform, after having not totally sucked performing their one and only song at Open Mic Night and miraculously getting invited back. I'll try to find a link to it soon.)

Some times that's how I write my best humor... looking at a blank page (or an empty box in this case) and letting my mind sprint back and forth from random thing to random thing until something comes out that seems worth saving instead of backspacing out of existence.

I question the use of keeping some of the crap that comes out when I type in that state, and I also question my judgment on when to delete and when to save. The therapy continues, though. I'm working on it.
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