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Languages Are Easy

22:08:29 <zhmort> Sometimes when learning a new language, you come upon a word that is exactly the same as in English.
22:08:45 <zhmort> Like, for example, "Sandwich" in Croatian.
22:09:04 <zhmort> Actually, I don't know how to speel "sandwich" in Croatian, but I know how it sounds: exactly like "sandwich".
22:09:36 <zhmort> So you come upon such a word, and you think, "Whoa! Cool! I don't have to re-learn 'sandwich'! I can just say, 'sandwich'."
22:09:51 <zhmort> Then you notice that a lot of your communication in Croatian is about sandwiches.
22:09:55 <zhmort> You like sandwiches.
22:09:59 <zhmort> You eat sandwiches.
22:10:05 <zhmort> You are going to eat a sandwich now.
22:10:12 <zhmort> You did eat a sandwich yesterday.
22:10:32 <zhmort> Earlier by 2 years, in the past, you did have sandwiches then, too, at that time.
22:10:41 <zhmort> Your family is not so big on sandwiches.
22:10:55 <zhmort> If you were to have a sandwich, then you would have had one.
22:11:16 <zhmort> (I'm the master of the subjunctive, not to mention the noun 'sandwich'.)
22:11:41 <zhmort> 22:09:04 <zhmort> Actually, I don't know how to speel [...]
22:11:44 <zhmort> Haha.
22:11:47 <zhmort> That's a great typo.
22:11:58 <zhmort> It doesn't get much better than that, as far as typos go.
22:43:27 <innergy> Haha, I thought that was intentional. You could've totally run with that. Honesty though ... way to be.
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