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A-B-Twinkle Java Keywords

After working over Where Is Tommy for several more hours and making only a few minor improvements, I went back to the instructions on turning in the final project, and I got the sense he was looking for something less complicated and more perfected in all the different areas in which he gives instruction and tips during the class. Although I'm really happy with the way my first project turned out, there are many minor to major issues with it that would still annoy the heck out of a good recording engineer. Too many, really, to consider addressing them all before my August 10 deadline. So I decided I would still turn in Where Is Tommy, but that in addition, I would try to create a simpler, less complex project, in which I could demonstrate a little bit more control over Pro Tools, and a little better understanding of how to work with mics, gain and fader levels, and things like that.

Also, I wanted to correct some of the (now blatantly obvious) silly mistakes I'd made in the way I started recording... mistakes like not naming my audio tracks before beginning to record, and then recording the same instrument on different tracks at different times, so that the associated audio files are all named based on default track names like "Audio 1" or "Audio 2", and can't even be mapped based on a 1:1 translation with the final name I used. This sucks, because the instructor is interested not just in the final product, but also in the saved sessions and tracks, to see how things were assembled, what was thrown away, etc. Tough to wade through it all without starting with proper track names (something he gives really helpful and clear instructions about in Chapter 6, if only I'd read them first... :-)

Anyway, I started again, and went simpler. Still stuck with a cappella voice, but only a total of 4, only a length of 3:32, and no percussion stuff (which was cool but which really emphasized my lack of a wind screen for my mic). I used another mostly-for-children song idea I'd been kicking around for a while... combining the A-B-C's with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (to make a minor amount of fun about their using the exact same melody, which I'm not sure most people notice). And then, in a much more esoteric move, I tacked on my own creation, a musical rendition of the Java programming language's reserved "Keywords" list, set to the tune of A-B-C's / Twinkle Twinkle (with a little thingy of my own on the end). I did a version of this back when I was studying Java and trying to figure out silly/clever ways to remember the info. Putting the list to music helped me remember the whole thing.

So of course I've thought some about how Tommy will enjoy this (as this will obviously be another tune on my first album for him). And of course the answer is: he will enjoy it so much, he will be programming Java subconsciously before he has completely learned to spell. (And so will you! You haven't learned to spell yet, have you?)

Without further ado, please enjoy:
A-B-Twinkle Java Keywords (.mp3 -- 4.5 MB)
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