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Tommy, Monkey, Daddy & The Bear

For our fans... another rockin' video from Derek & The Tomminator.

Derek & the Tommino[es]? Lil' Tommy and Big Daddy? Lil' Daddy & Big Tom? So many options... but I'm sure we'll end up with something like Garage Band Garbage Canners or The Afflicted or Craziance. You know, just to play down the cuteness a little bit and give us a little more of a dark edge. Gotta market this thing, after all...

He may only be two, but I'm 74 years old, and even though Hollywood is okay with old males playing lead roles and the Stones are still touring, you still have to agree that my options are narrowing faster than a... fast thing... moving very fast. It never pays to take your time, is my point.

Haste makes... a rich daddy who can retire early.

Update: Oops, almost forgot. For some reason YouTube has been kinda hosing videos during uploading, while translating from the source file into the Flash Player format they use. That explains why as the video goes along, the audio is gradually more out of synch with the video. For those with the bandwidth and/or patience, I've put the original video on my website [~4 MB]. It's higher-quality and not out-of-synch. (All the errors are in fact real in that version, sadly.)

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