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Lotta Videos

I've been spending an awful lot of time lately processing media on my new computer. I've been using:

  1. Windows MovieMaker to clip, splice and blend movies which I then post to YouTube
  2. Exact Audio Copy to rip our CD's and the LAME encoder to compress them into high-quality MP3's (right now these will just live on my home network, though we'll archive them online eventually, too).
  3. Flickr to post my photos.

Below are links to all the movies I've posted but haven't yet mentioned in my journal. I won't describe them here, because I spent some time filling out the description field for each of them on YouTube. (I suppose if I ever migrate to a video hosting tool other than YouTube, I'll want to grab that text so I can keep it all together.)

You'll notice there's a lot of Tommy in the videos. :-) That's because we got a video camera right before he was born to document his cuteness for posterity. But also I have gone back and found some that I'd made with my Cybershot camera several years back, too. I'll continue like this for a while, I suppose. Finding precious older stuff to process and post, while adding new stuff at the same time. I doubt I'll ever get all the way caught up. Maybe that's a good thing. :-) Anyway, without further ado, allow me to present:

Note: If you prefer, you can just go to Zhmort's Videos On YouTube and launch all of these from the index page. That's probably better, actually, since there you can see preview images that way, and maybe avoid some of the mind-numbing cuteness. :-)

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