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Today we got to hear our baby's heartbeat. That was an intense experience.

For me, it was an important moment. Although I'd probably qualify as an "involved father" up to this point in the pregnancy, there's still a certain abstractness to it for me. In concept, I am overjoyed and filled with anticipation. In reality, not that much has changed for me. Oh sure, zmary takes more naps now, and I carry a little more of the load than before. But the hugs and love and attention are just an extension of our never-ending honeymoon, so it's no big deal.

But hearing the heartbeat was different. That's my baby's heartbeat.

I had kind of a funny thought about it, though. Because the baby is still so small, you really can't feel much from the outside. So the sonar-based doohickey that listened for the heartbeat was really kind of a magical device from my perspective. It helped us make contact with an alien from a different world, as far as I know. In fact, I was kind of amused to myself, pondering the notion that our baby was actually floating out in space somewhere, and somehow the doctor holding this device to Mary's stomach was allowing us to contact him or her. The heartbeat itself was the message, just like in the movie Contact. (It even sounded eery in a similar way.)

I don't know what the message means. We haven't decoded it yet. But my best guess is that it means, "I love you, daddy!"

Something like that, anyway.


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Comments on original posting on zderek:

2003-05-01 01:31 am

This is a great post! :-) Also, I love you!!!!!

2003-05-02 10:47 am

Wow... :D

It's pretty mindblowing to think of a whole new life beginning. (That's why I don't have anything more interesting to say -- my mind has been blown.)
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