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Updates, Updates, Updates!

Tonight was the first night -- but not the last, I'm certain -- that Mary and I both sat in our office busily working on our web pages at the same time. It was fun. Or, at least, my half was fun. Her half sounded fun, but I can't be 100% certain about that because I only have the apparent sounds of enjoyment and personal testimony to go on. Still, I suppose I should just take the evidence for what it's worth and assume that she enjoyed herself, and as we have already established, I definitely enjoyed myself, so that's two (repeat: two) office mates who enjoyed busily building their web sites this evening.

Okay, so... here's what I did tonight:

  • Revised the format on all of my web site pages ever so slightly in hopes of avoiding making Matt laugh at my formatting mistakes in future. (I do mean slightly. I bet most of ya don't even notice the change. (If you do, though, please don't tell me, because I like to feel like I'm subtle.))
  • Updated my Links page substantially. You may now enjoy browsing the web according to my specifications.</i>
  • Added a (partially) new Silliness page.
  • Thought a little bit about what I'm going to do with photos and movies on my web site. (Okay, I know that's not an actual update, yet, but I did do it, or I did think about it, anyway, and now I'm telling you about it, so even though it was just thinking, it gave me a whole separate bullet-item to drone on about here in this update. Yay! Separate bullet-item! (You'll notice a "separate bullet-item" theme if you check out the silliness page. I'm kind of weird tonight, I guess.))
  • Half-watched a "Friends" rerun, a "Seinfeld" rerun (episode I hadn't seen! with Putty!), a new episode of "That 70's Show", and a new episode of "24" (which I would like to be more up on cuz it seems cool, but which I keep getting distracted from each time I try, thanks to this "Internet" thing).
  • That's about it. If anything else occurs, such as teeth-brushing or sleeping, I'll be sure to let you know.

NOTE: This was posted originally to zderek

Comments on original posting on zderek:

How liberating...
2002-02-26 07:03 pm

Dear Derek,

Hey, you used my real name! How quaint!

And hey, I can use your real name, too! Derek, Derek, Derek! Hi! You're Derek! I'm Matt! Those are our names!

Derek, I wonder if you (being Derek) are aware that your (Derek's) website front page also has that formatting issue which I, Matt, being the one named Matt, which is a name that you can totally use here so feel free to call me Matt, mentioned earlier.

^^^^ Matt typed this for Derek. (I am Matt.)

In closing my name is,

PS: Derek.


2002-02-26 11:48 pm</p>

Dear Matt,

Your name is Matt.

Matt, you are kind of a weird guy.

Also, Matt, whose name is Matt, please stop being so weird in my journal. Go be weird in your own journal.

Matt, O Matt, you are my bestest QA guy ever. Thanks for finding the formatting problem on my index page. I have fixed it, I hope. I hope you hope I have fixed it, too. If not, please try hoping more. The world really will be a better place if you can just do that one, simple thing, and stop being such a selfish mean person.

Also, Matt, you big meanie, you are big meanie. Please stop finding problems with my web page, and being such a big meanie. It hurts my feelings and stuff. I think it might make my mom sad, too, if she were to ever read this page. So maybe you should think about that next time, instead of just selfishly going on and on about my faults here in my journal, where it will embarrass me, and make my mom not proud, and make everyone see how ineffectual I am as a web guy.

Also, I am Derek.



Re: Matt!
2002-02-27 03:33 am

Dear Derek's Mom,

As you can see, Derek thinks I am weird, when in fact my normality is simply too normal for him to fathom. Could you please give him a Time Out? After one Time Out, if he is good and folds his arms and thinks, I think he will begin to realize that he might be able to understand the true depths of my regularity if he immediately embarks on an extended series of rigorous Time Out sessions, which I also hope you give him.

Yeah, I think we'd all benefit from that.


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