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Journals Are Cool, As You Can Tell, Because I Have One.

Let's see here... has anything happened since March 5, 2001, when I last updated my personal web page? Uhh... well, there was that whole changing my entire life thing. But I know, you mean besides that, right? Okay, let's see:

  • I accidentally but fortuitously allowed my old personal web domain to die the death it deserved. It was my primary source of email spam, for one thing. Beyond that, though, I just kind of like the notion of starting fresh in a new place, but with the benefit of years of accumulated web wisdom. Of course, I don't know what, exactly, I've learned. But I'm sure it must be something important, otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it.
  • Mary carved out her first fully-personalized slice of the web!, including interactive journals and bulletin boards for her family and her friends. Yay, Mary! You go, Web Goddess!
  • Being 100% copycatter by nature, I got myself a journal, too, using the alias zderek. From now on, I'm going to stop using the totally static and hard-to-update "news" page on my personal web site to let you know what's going on. Instead I'll just post updates, here, in my personal journal. Live Journal rocks. Journaling rocks. Web pages are hard to maintain and difficult to update. Journals are easy. I like "web stuff", but mostly I just like to yammer and blather and babble. LJ makes that easy. Long live LJ!
  • Lots of other stuff going on, but I'm going to have to go and do some of it now, instead of just writing about it. I'll be back to tell you all about it later, though, so don't despair. Here, have a hug to tide you over until I get back.
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NOTE: This was originally posted on zderek

Here are the original comments:

I'm a copycat, too!
2002-02-25 08:10 am

I have to do everything Derek does because he's my hero. Except I don't think I will marry Mary. That would be uncool and illegal (plus girls have cooties).


2002-02-25 04:18 pm

Have you been following me?! I've had this feeling someone's been following me, and now here YOU show up, announcing YOUR new journal, and I just can't help thinking maybe it was you following me all this time. Please knock it off. It's creeping me out.

Also, welcome to Journal-Land, and the 21st Century, and stuff.

Re: I'm a copycat, too!
2002-02-26 05:09 am

me too! me too!

Re: I'm a copycat, too!

2002-02-26 07:33 am

Yes, you are. Except, you forgot to copy the part about actually writing anything in the journal.

I guess your motif is "sparse"?

Re: I'm a copycat, too!
2002-02-27 01:01 pm

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