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My May

[NOTE: This was originally posted on my zderek journal.]

According to some files I recently found on my camera, May was kind of a cool month for me.

For example, can you tell this park lives in California?



(All images below can be clicked to see a larger view...)


Mary is cool, even when she's sneaking off with cotton candy.


By this time I was starting to get the feeling that maybe Toughy is kinda attached to me...


Here is my inner cinematographer merging in one blissful moment with my inner artiste, all thanks to a happy, happy dog. I call it: "Dog Tail, Wagging" (mpeg - 1.3 MB). :-) (Toughy is Grandma's dog, by the way, and this was taken after the above pic. We were parked in the Santa Cruz Elk's club parking lot. One thing I am sure of: dogs love camping. Even parking lot camping.)

This was one of a few times in May I ended up brushing my teeth using bottled water while standing out in the sunshine. I think that's a sign of something positive, but I'm not sure what, exactly. (What I especially like about this one is how obviously thrilled and interested with the whole experience I am.)


This is a beach near Santa Cruz. (Perhaps Mary will remind me which beach soon, and then I'll write it here, and then we'll all know which beach. That'll be the good time. Until then, we'll just have to think of it as El Beacho Mysterioso.)


Mary is Mickey's hair stylist. As you can tell from his body language (especially in the first one), somehow Mickey has been fooled into thinking he's getting a petting massage rather than a haircut. Silly, silly doggie.)


Ah... camping in the Portola Valley Redwoods. My favorite part of May, 2002. Here, Kip and Nicole deftly set up their tent, while I deftly avoid rolling down the hill and crashing into it.


Who's happier? Mary or Mickey? Wifey or doggie?


Correct Answer To Above Question: Mickey. (I know this one is blurry, but I had to include it. Mickey is smiling so big here, it's almost human. I expect him to blurt out, in plain English, "We're having FUN! Aren't we?!?! Oh yes we ARE! Oh yes we ARE!")


Matt demonstrates perfect hot-dog-cooking technique, using Kip's and Nicole's perfect hot-dog-cooking utensil (telescoping fork, with rotating handle!). Nice utensil... nice hands... nice hot dogs... nice fire... nice 45 degree angle... I love this shot.


Bedding down for the overnight in his comforter-and-bathmat-covered front Yukon seat, you can see Mickey is already half-gone. I guess when you're used to approximately 23.5 hours of sleep per day, getting 0 kinda wears you out. He deserves his rest. What a good doggie. (Yes, we did take the leash off at this point... I just sat him in the seat not 20 seconds ago. That's just how ready to sleep he was by then.)


Next day, everyone is packing up, so I give Mickey the whole back of the Yukon to lay in. I guess he needs more rest. :-) Sometimes this dog totally knows how to chill. It's a good thing, too, because we were about to go on a hike, during which he would expend another 2 million calories or so.


Tanya took this one. I love it. I guess it's a view looking up between two close-together trees. It took me a while to figure out what I was looking at. :-) Coolness.


This one is getting framed and going on my desk at work. Makes my heart go all aflutter.


Conga Line! (Or DMV line? Hard to tell...)



You've heard of The Blair Witch Project, but it can't hold a candle to "Blair Matt" (mpeg - 1.3 MB).


And now for your continued entertainment and dizzyness-inducement, allow me to present: "The Sort Of Amazing, Jogging, Circling, Spinning Camera Dude Who Can't Quite Calculate How Much Of His 15 Seconds Video Clip He Has Left" (mpeg - 1.3 MB)


Matt took this pic with his own camera, but it's one of my favorites of me or my friends ever, so I totally had to steal it. It's like 5 or more shots all in one. Here are just a few different views, including the big image if you want to see that.


This one's pretty random, but I like it. It's the Windows Desktop on Grandma's computer. Mary has set it up for her, complete with helpful icon labels. (Sure wish someone would help me out the same way. It would save me a lot of time.)



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2002-06-07 05:03 am
The beach is New Brighton. :-)

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