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Uhhh... did you, uh... lose some weight... or uhhh... have a goiter removed... or something?

What was the most common spontaneous utterance upon first seeing me today, you ask? If I'm remembering correctly, it was probably, "Ummm... Wow!" (Translation: "Ummm... Uhhhh... Uhhhh...")

Most common spontaneous facial gesture? Eyebrow-raising. Definitely the really high eyebrow raising. (Translation: "Whoa, dude! What happened?!?! Did you do that on purpose, or was there some sort of fracas with a bleach bucket?")

Most folks caught themselves, of course, and followed up with, "Nice. I like it." But I know they were just trying to backtrack, save face, and get themselves out of the impending noogie from the sensitive guy with the new 'do. (And believe me, had they said, "Hey. That hair sucks!", I definitely would have been handing out noogies. I'm a nice guy, but I do have feelings, not to mention an irrational, inflated sense of style and self-importance.)

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