zhmort (zhmort) wrote,

Movers and Renters Anonymous

A lot of my friends are looking for a new place to live at the same time, including me. I've seen that happen before, where a bunch of us were all moving at once. It's weird. Maybe we all just get antsy when we get to the end of our leases. Maybe it's a summer thing... instead of trying to lose weight so we can get into our hot summer bathing suits, so that we can more successfully cruise chicks/dudes on the beach, we 21st Century humans do the more practical thing, and figure out how to sell our souls to some new landlord for another year, but in a much nicer, newer location where we don't already know about all the leaky floors and yellowjacket problems that caused the former tenants to leave. ("I knew there must be a reason this place was so cheap! Shit! What do we have, 11.5 months to go on the lease? Shit! What's our buyout clause? All 11.5 months, huh? Shit!")

Actually, I know all the reasons everyone is moving, and they're all quite reasonable and fairly unavoidable, so I know it's not really a lemming sort of phenomenon. Still, it's funny to me that the last time I had to think about moving, so did all or most of my friends. Actually, maybe that's bad... maybe they're going to snap up all the good rentals before I get a chance to look at them. Hmmm...

I need to be quiet and mysterious now. In the absence of further communication from me, please rest assured that whatever I am doing, it doesn't have anything to do with renting that house you had your eye on. I'm totally not interested in that at all.
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