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Crunch N' Get Bilked

For some reason one of the main times I've felt compelled to turn the DIET_MODE switch to the OFF position over the last few months has been Friday afternoons. Often it is one of the two BB's in my Friday work environment. (Friday morning Basket o' Bagels. Friday afternoon Beer Bash.)

Today, it was that bag of Crunch N' Munch in the snack machine. It had been seductively pulling my eyes toward it over and over the past few weeks, and today I finally had the right combination of reduced will-power and elevated change-in-my-pocket. It's a goodly looking bag. A full 6" x 3".

Of course, as it turns out, it's the other dimension that matters: 0.25".

It turns out to be a 1.25 oz. bag. 35 sad, pathetic, paltry grams. That's, like, 14 pieces of Crunch N' Munch

For $0.70.

I think that works out to, like, $4000 per pound of Crunch N' Munch.
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