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Weekend is a big time in my life. It's like a little bit of summer each week. Time to myself. Time for me. Time to not work on work that is not my work.

For a good while now, I've been on call at work every other week. In this case on call means "getting called a lot, including in the middle of the night, deep in the weekend". It's not too bad, because I get paid a little bit extra both for being on call and an additional amount for each call I actually have to take. In fact, I try to think of it as money paging me. ("Hello? Mr. Zhmort? I have another bolus of money for you. Please wake up and pay attention to me now.") But some times being on call isn't so fun. It means not going out of pager range and staying near a phone with my laptop. (I am sadly and very unfuturistically still unable to dial in from just anywhere on the road. What a late-adopter I am!) The pager feels very much like a leash on those weekends, and I feel like I'm being naughty if I go on the road anywhere. So since I can't possibly stay home all of the weekends at this time in my life, I'm basically feeling naughty for some part of every other weekend these days.

So this is a good weekend. a don't-worry-about-how-naughty-I-am weekend. I'm not on call. It's a not-on-call weekend. On the list of people who are on call this weekend, you will not find my name. What a restful, relaxing thing to think about.
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