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How Come I Don't Have Any Detractors?

First, let me point out the wonderful news: We can finally bring this whole debate about who will be the next Michael Jordan to a close. The answer is: Michael Jordan!

Some day, I would like to have done something so spectacular and undeniable that after I've hung it up and gone into retirement and then later begun to toy with the idea of coming back, people will argue about whether I should or not. I want people to worry about me tarnishing my legacy. I want to have doubters and detractors. And I want to have believers, who understand that as long as I am breathing, I am still going to be The Man.

The question is: what area/field/sport is the one where I can most definitely create such a legacy? Web programming? Not likely. Music? Sounds nice, but probably not. So what then?

Napping, maybe? Well, yes, possibly that. I mean, I have been showing some signs of greatness in that area lately. But honestly, I doubt I can maintain the kind of consistency that is needed. I really don't have the dedication, even at my most tiredest.

Maybe then what I need to do is find some other guy who is The Man when it comes to napping, and ride on his coattails. If I can just find the right guy, then maybe I could be the Scottie Pippen of napping. It wouldn't bring all the glory of being the Michael Jordan of napping, but at least I'd be able to get some championships and a few endorsements out of the deal.

Not to mention all the detractors I could ever want.
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