zhmort (zhmort) wrote,

Personal computing history

Idea stolen from wickenden, who stole it from rainbrot.)

I am such a newbie. I am ungrizzled. I am unsalty.

  • Win 3.1 (on a Benevolent and Highly Available Close Friend's PC, and at work)
  • Win '95 (my first real, personal PC)
  • HP-UX (working at HP)
  • Win NT (first while working at HP, and now on my work laptop, which I use daily, especially after hours when wifey goes beddy-bye)
  • Free-BSD (again, on a Benevolent and Highly Available Close Friend's box, now housing my personal home directory and email)
  • Solaris (at startup co after HP, and now at my current job; this is where I do most of my work-work now)
  • Win 2K (Personal PC upgrade, making it my primary "personal" OS now)
  • Win ME (Wife's laptop, which I only occasionally use, but which has caused me to have to understand some ME/2K differences)

Rainbrot says "I'm only counting environments I spent more than a little time programming in, and/or practically lived in." Well, in my case that list is only a couple of platforms different than my list of All Platforms I Ever Used at All. If I expanded my list to meet those criteria, I'd only add a few:

  • Commodore 64 (my first computer purchase, which I owned for just a few months and never learned anything about)
  • Amiga (a '500' first, and then after the upgrade, a '1000' (ooh! ahh!), which I only owned for a year, and which I also learned nothing about)
  • A few odd library and work systems (which I had access to at various times, but which I also never learned anything about)
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