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Happy Summer Solstice

Had lunch with my sweetie and one of my best friends. Finished the important part of an on-my-plate-for-the-last-18-months migration in the early evening. Had dinner with friends. Went walking and jogging on trails and grass. Got a good sweat going. Felt pretty good. Wrestled and maybe hurt one of my older friends. Felt guilty about it after but had fun during. Sat on the balcony with my roommate friend right after the air cooled down and the wind picked up, editing and writing Live Journal again, and revelling. Felt sooooo summerish. Got chased back inside by the suddenly ubiquitous mosquitoes biting us in the dark. I guess mosquitoes are also summerish, though I prefer they leave me alone and not bite me.

[Tangent: I own Benadryl Insect Bite Anti-Itch Cream. I owned it before I had a mate. I don't know a lot of guys who buy anti-itch cream for insect bites. I don't know why.]

The most summer-like thing, of course, is the oscillating fan. I love my oscillating fan. I have loved every oscillating fan I have ever owned, and many I did not own.. Sweet, sweet oscillating fans. Lovely, moving air. Air that is moving. Air that cools me down. I salute you summerish, salute-worthy, oscillating fans! Thank you so much for the immense, repeatable pleasures you have brought me over the years. How did you ever become so clever? Moving the air molecules over my skin molecules at varying velocities and in varying directions, rhythmically, musically? Brilliant! You are a beautiful, wonderful thing, oscillating fan! Good job!
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