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Feeling Haggardly, Mean and Ugly, or Joyous, Beautiful and Accomplished?

It's usually fun and always interesting to monitor all of us as we change from mood to mood from day to day (or maybe hour to hour some times). Lots of you do a good job of describing or otherwise conveying how you feel through the words you write. Others of you (us, me) tend to show it by being manic and verbose when happy and silent and distant when we're down or just contemplative. But some times, it's fun to monitor the other stuff in your journals, the extras, the things accompanying the things in the main text. I've read a lot of enjoyable or vivid "current mood" and "current music" descriptions. I also really like the way some of you alternate the pic that accompanies your posts and comments.

For example, Here's normal rainbrot, catching flies with his breath but looking beautiful, and here's can't sync rainbrot, who can't sync so bad he looks totally haggard. And here's calculus ass-kicking youngoat, who recently replaced car-not-working youngoat. (My friends, pardon my exploitation of your trials and triumphs. I am but a storyteller, weaving a story, for a story-hearing audience, hearing my story, as I tell it to them. Right now.)

I hereby demand that everyone else draw and/or photograph multiple sides of yourselves and entertain me more!

I, on the other hand, will continue using the one and only image that can possibly come close to representing my one and only side: Fingerprint-face Beavis, representing my Fingerprint-face Beavis side. (It is my best side. It is my only side. It is my Fingerprint-face Beavis side.)
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